What areas do you cover?

We style properties Sydney wide.

Do you style all types of properties?

We style a wide variety of properties, from studio apartments to multi level homes. We cater to a wide variety of properties from classic and contemporary as well as coastal. Our properties are styled to suit the areas demographic and target market.

Do you partially style properties?

Yes we do, styling only part of your property is a great option when you’ll be residing in your property during the sales campaign. It’s a great cost effective option however still allows you to maximise your sale price and gets your home looking its best. The stylist will incorporate furniture and furnishings into your current collection.

How long does the process take?

It really depends on the size of home, it can take anywhere up to a few hours to a whole day for the bigger homes. All jobs are completed on the same day.

How much does property styling cost?

As every property is different and unique in its own way we don’t have a standard pricing schedule. Prices start from $2000.00 however the best thing to do is book a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists for an accurate quote.

What are your payment terms?

We require full payment upon signing the contract. We accept credit cards, cash and bank transfer.

How long do we get the furniture for?

The standard package is for 4 weeks plus an additional 2 weeks at no cost if needed.

How far do we have to book in advance?

Generally we require 3-5 days from initial consultation to install however we can also work on tighter turnarounds if needed.

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