Why You Might Be Struggling To Sell Your Property

20 Jun 2024 by Adore Property Styling

Selling a home can be unexpectedly stressful, fraught with challenges that leave many homeowners feeling frustrated and stuck. The process often stalls due to a few common issues that are not immediately obvious to the seller.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss challenges a seller may face and how a property stylist can effectively address these to enhance the marketability of your home. 

3 key reasons you may be struggling to sell your property

1. Lack of curb appeal

First impressions are pivotal when selling your home. The exterior is the first thing potential buyers see, setting the tone for their entire visit. An unkempt or dated exterior can deter buyers from exploring further. Additionally, empty rooms inside can make it hard for buyers to visualise living there.

Property styling can significantly enhance curb appeal by refreshing landscapes, updating exterior fixtures and suggesting paint touch-ups, making your home more inviting and attractive.

2. Outdated interiors

Outdated or overly personalised interiors can significantly hinder a sale. Buyers may struggle to envision themselves in the space if it reflects a specific aesthetic that doesn’t resonate with them. Property stylists excel in modernising and neutralising spaces, using contemporary designs that appeal to a broad audience.

By selecting versatile colour schemes, updating furnishings and rearranging layouts, stylists can transform an old-fashioned space into a place potential buyers can imagine as their own.

3. Poor online presentation

In today’s digital age, most homebuying journeys begin online, making the photographic representation of your property crucial. Photos that fail to capture the appeal of your home can prevent a listing from sparking interest.

Property stylists understand how to craft photogenic spaces that stand out in online listings. They strategically use lighting, declutter spaces and stage rooms to photograph well, ensuring your home makes the best possible first impression online.

Property styling’s impact on sales price

Investing in professional styling can significantly enhance your property’s market value. As evidenced by a survey conducted by Australian real estate group LJ Hooker, styled homes can see price increases between 7.5-12.5%.

The majority of industry experts agree that styling is essential for sale properties, emphasising its importance in achieving the best sale outcome. By leveraging these strategies, property stylists not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your property but also strategically position it for a quicker sale and at a higher price, providing a return on investment that goes beyond the initial styling costs.

How Adore Property Styling makes a difference

  • Creating an emotional connection — Adore Property Styling specialises in creating environments that resonate emotionally with potential buyers. By carefully curating decor and furnishings, our stylists set the stage for buyers to imagine their future lives unfolding in the space.
  • Maximising space — Our team at Adore Property Styling uses proven techniques to make rooms appear larger and more inviting. From selecting the right furniture scale to optimising layouts, we ensure that every area of your home showcases its maximum potential.
  • Addressing specific buyer demographics — Understanding the target audience is key in real estate sales. Adore Property Styling tailors each project to appeal to your home’s most likely buyer demographic. Whether catering to professionals, families or retirees, we style your property to meet the expectations and preferences of these specific groups.

Stop struggling to sell your property — reach out to Adore Property Styling

If you’re finding it difficult to sell your home, it’s time to bring in the experts at Adore Property Styling. Our team can transform your property, ensuring it appeals to the right buyers and sells quickly and for the best price.

View our portfolio to see the magic we’ve worked on other homes, or learn more about our process and how we can help you. Have questions? Our FAQs page has answers.
With various payment options, Adore Property Styling’s services are accessible, no matter your budget. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today — let’s make your property stand out and sell!

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