Revitalise Your Space: Contemporary Interior Styling Guide

08 Jan 2024 by Adore Property Styling

If you’re looking for ways to revitalise your space before selling or simply update your living experience, why not try a contemporary style interior design? The hustle and bustle of life outside our houses can be overwhelming, and after work, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a clean and calming abode. But with life already so busy, restyling your home becomes an extra chore — that’s why Adore Property Styling is here to guide you through the process with our contemporary design style guide.

Understanding a contemporary interior design style

A contemporary interior design style is a modern and ever-evolving approach characterised by clean lines, neutral colour palettes and a blend of functional and aesthetically pleasing elements that emulate current design trends. It caters to people who value minimalism and functionality, offering a stylish, uncluttered look that fosters a sense of calm and simplicity.

By following these contemporary interior design style principles, you can easily create a living space that:

  • Has a modern and updated look — Contemporary interior design characteristics align with the latest in design, making it a foolproof way to breathe new life into your space and improve your home’s aesthetics.
  • Enhances functionality and efficiency — Functional and smart storage pieces are at the core of contemporary designs, encouraging a clutter-free and organised environment.
  • Maximises space — Thanks to its affinity to minimalism and functionality, contemporary interior design styles promote open living. With the strategic placement of furniture optimising your space and how you flow within it, you invigorate your home with an open and inviting atmosphere.

Key elements of a contemporary style interior design

Whether you’re a busy professional or someone looking to bring a fresh, current vibe to your living space, a contemporary design style provides the perfect canvas for a sophisticated yet inviting environment that suits many lifestyles. Nail a contemporary interior design style at home by incorporating these key elements:

  • Minimalism — Contemporary style in interior design is all about a clean look. You should focus on essential and functional pieces in your space to minimise clutter, avoiding excessive decor or furniture that sticks out as too busy or loud in terms of style.
  • Clean lines — Contemporary design is known for its clean and straight lines, so you should choose furniture and architectural elements with sleek contours, smooth edges and simple profiles while avoiding pieces that feature ornate details.
  • Neutral colour palette — The overall colour scheme in contemporary design will usually centre around shades of white, beige, soft grey or black, with bold accent colours used sparingly to add visual interest. 
  • Open space — Avoid overcrowding and make the most out of the architectural elements in each room, such as windows, doorways and other unique features. Thoughtfully arrange furniture with the purpose of each space in mind to create a harmonious flow with easy movement throughout.
  • Functional furniture — Choose pieces of furniture that serve a specific function in your space, opting for practical smart storage and multi-purpose ones like a dining table with built-in storage for dishware or a bed with underneath drawers for extra beddings and linens.
  • Metal and glass elements — The use of chrome, nickel, stainless steel and glass is a common characteristic of contemporary interior design style. The reflection and refraction of light enhance the sense of openness while adding a modern flair. Opt for a coffee table with a metal base and glass top, or decorate using mirrors with metal frames.
  • Natural elements — Add warmth and texture to your space using wood or stone in your flooring, countertops or accent walls. Natural elements will balance out and soften the sleekness of the rest of your space to create a cosy ambience that doesn’t lean towards overly clinical modernity.
  • Innovative materials — Contemporary design styles often incorporate innovative and unconventional materials for furniture, flooring and other elements, contributing to an innovative and cutting-edge feel. Consider furniture or decor pieces made from materials like acrylic, concrete or recycled plastics.
  • Geometric patterns — Bold geometric patterns, whether in furniture, rugs or artwork, can be used to add visual interest and a sense of modernity to contemporary interiors. Introduce geometric-patterned rugs, throw pillows or wallpapers to add a dynamic element to the space.
  • Art and sculptures — Artwork and sculptures are great to use as focal points in your space. These pieces may be bold and abstract, contributing to the overall contemporary aesthetic while filling up but not overcrowding empty spaces. Hang abstract paintings on the walls or display sculptural pieces that complement the overall aesthetic, acting as conversation starters.

Remember that balance and harmony are key in any interior design, so try to incorporate these components without overdoing or fixating too much on a certain element.

Contemporary style interior design with Adore Property Styling

Discover contemporary design styling with Adore Property Styling’s full property styling package, offering a complete six-week home staging experience with furniture and artwork included. We’ll deck out your home with a contemporary style interior design for your living room, bedroom and more, creating an inviting atmosphere that will elevate your daily life and your property’s value.

Alternatively, we also have partial styling packages with a checklist that optimises your home’s selling value. Whether you’re selling or seeking design tips, let Adore empower you with contemporary style interior design ideas. Check out our video gallery to see contemporary style interior design examples and soak up inspiration for your home. 

Transform your space with us

With Adore Property Styling, you can style your home for success with the option to pay later and enjoy low fees. Learn more about our process and how we can transform your space by reaching out to us for a no-obligation consultation. Our team of experienced stylists will assess your property, provide a comprehensive quote and schedule an installation date.

For more information about our services, you can also read our FAQs page or contact our team. Embrace contemporary living today with Adore Property Styling, where our expertise turns your home into a modern masterpiece.


What is contemporary style in interior design?

Contemporary style in interior design refers to the current trends and styles that are popular at a given time. It is characterised by a blend of elements from various styles, resulting in a fresh and eclectic look. Clean lines, neutral colour palettes and a focus on functionality are key characteristics of contemporary design.

What is modern style in interior design?

Modern style in interior design refers to a specific design era that emerged in the early to mid-20th century, emphasising simplicity, clean lines and functionality. Modern design often features open spaces, a neutral colour palette and the use of materials like metal, glass and concrete. It departs from traditional ornate styles, focusing on a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary decorating styles?

While both terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a distinction between modern and contemporary decorating styles. Modern design refers to a specific design era from the early to mid-20th century, whereas contemporary design is ever-evolving and reflects current design trends. The contemporary design style may borrow elements from various styles, making it more diverse, while the modern design has a defined historical context.

What is classic contemporary style?

Classic contemporary style is an interior design approach combining classic or traditional design elements with contemporary aesthetics. It merges timeless elements, such as elegant furniture and traditional architectural details, with modern design elements, like clean lines and neutral colour palettes. The result is a balanced, sophisticated space that maintains a sense of timeless elegance while incorporating current design trends.

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